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Re: [APD] Re: Python Flow Rate

Nothing beats a python for simple drain and fill. 

But for draining, another option is to putogether a few
pieces of PVC to make a siphon drain, put a good pump on
one end and decent diameter hose on the other. If you don't
want to mess with selection and assembly of PVC you can buy
such a thing here:


Even the vendor will tell you that you can make one of
these without too much trouble or cost. But if you do so,
do it in a *well ventilated* area.

I can drain half my 150g in about 5 minutes and that's
going through about 50' of hose. And instead of sending the
water down the sink drain, I send it to my back yard,
which, in it's own way, shows much appreciaton. Haven't
figured out how to speed up the refill part of the
operation yet :-\  .

Scott H.

S. Hieber
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