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Re: [APD] Re: Python Flow Rate

At 01:22 AM 3/24/2004, you wrote:

At 07:55 PM 3/23/2004, you wrote:
The Python water changer has recently become available here in the UK.

I would like to speed up my water changes which I currently do with an
old powerhead and garden hose.  ATM, changing 25gal takes me about
45mins.  Would the Python be significantly quicker than this?


I work part time at a local petshop, and we use a phtyon system there for water changes. Because of my hot water heater situation (we have a tiny tank) i can do 9 or 10 fifteen gallon tanks or 5 thirty gallon tanks at a time. My average drain/fill time on those groups of tanks is 35-45 minutes. Toss in an extra 5 mins and i can scrub glass and clean the tops as well.

Here at home i use a different system - i use a siphon drain on a 50' hose for doing my cleaning ($2.99 hardware store attachment) and i have my two R/O holding barrels with a 1/4 HP sump on a 50' 1/2" hose (for flow restriction). I can do just about 100 gallons of actual water swap in just about an hour.

Ya, its more expensive than a python, but i dont have to tote buckets :P

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