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[APD] Re: Python Flow Rate

I don't use a Python, but I do have a $12 ViaAqua pump that lets me do 50 gal water changes (in my 90 gal tank) in, I dunno, 5 minutes? That's the time to pump OUT -- putting water back in I have a line from my kitchen tap that is much slower, so I am probably at 45 minutes total.


(I did have to spend another $10 on some tubing of the correct diameter to mate to the pump's output.)

Perhaps you can find this brand on your side of the pond. It's working great for me and the price is right. I just reach in the tank, stick the pump to the side, run the hose outside and let 'er rip.

Good luck,

At 07:55 PM 3/23/2004, you wrote:
The Python water changer has recently become available here in the UK.

I would like to speed up my water changes which I currently do with an
old powerhead and garden hose.  ATM, changing 25gal takes me about
45mins.  Would the Python be significantly quicker than this?


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