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Re: [APD] cheap pH meters!

Quoting "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>:

> Resolution and accuracy are two very different things. 
> Many things have a higher resolution than accuracy.
> Never mistake the number of digits on the screen for the
> degree of accuracy. ;-)
> Scott H.

My point is that there is no reason to have a higher resolution than accuracy. 
If the accuracy is +-0.2 and the resolution is 0.01, the hundredth place means 
nothing. This is well understood in scientific research practices. I was a 
physics student at IU, and if I reported numbers outside my degree of accuracy 
in research (outside of preliminary data) I would have been criticized. You 
don't say things like "the value of x is 1.23456 +- 0.2.  All the hundredth 
place on that monitor does is make people THINK they are getting more accurate 
readings then they really are.
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