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[APD] unlabeled plants

>>These are what I purchased: afzelli, caladifolia (var. of barteri),
pynaertii, gracilis, heterophylla, lanceolota.<<

Well I can't help you with ID, to new at planted tanks but I will add that I
got an order from them about a month ago now. The plants were beautiful and
plentiful and nothing was labeled. I had ordered a bunch of crypts and some
stem plants. All I was certain of was I was looking at a small crypt or a
nice bunch of green leafy things. Very healthy but with no name.
Seems to be a regular complaint that they aren't much interested in

I know if it was one of my daylily orders I'd be a little ticked. Since I
have little idea what I'm doing with aquarium plants it didn't bother me all
that much. Would like to be able to note what worked and what didn't for
myself. Without names it gets a little hard.
I will admit that I will order from them again. Even paying for next day
delivery it was still cheaper and the plants were better than anything I
could get around here.

Back to lurking and learning now
Sue in NH

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