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Re: [APD] Re: 20 Years My Eye!

Ok, an update to this and to answer some questions.  I used mine twice
really.  This would've been the second time since the fan was finally put on
(that was missing in the first place).  The jar was all glass, and did crack
somehow on it's own.  I was surprised to find it cracked, after setting it
up and running perfectly fine for some time I came back to check on it to
find the bottom part inside the stand had cracked and  it had syphoned a lot
of water into the carpet.  After a lot of cleaning, renting a carpet dr.,
and replacing the syphoned water I decided to investigate further.  I
managed to get the jar out of the stand and two large chunks of glass fell
out.  The whole was enough to probably pass about 1g in 5 seconds.  Anyway,
I took out all the parts and proceeded to costco where I thought I might
find a good pickle jar to replace it with...that I did find ;-) however the
mouth of the jar was such that it lined up with the inner plastic part of
the motor housing, that was a no go.  I went back out to walmart to perhaps
find another one, this time after having measured very carefully on the
original jar.  I found a rubber maid canister that was 1g and and the
opening was just about right.  That didn't work either.  The plastic rim was
too thin, though the dimensions were right for outer, the inner didn't make
contact with the gasket and I was off to find another jar.  This time the
wife had done some searching and found something of Martha Stewart's at
KMart that looked like it'd be about right.  So, off we went to BigK.  There
we found no more of the 1g jars, but instead a 1g lattice iced tea jar with
a spout.  I was desperate, and this thing was $4, so I bought it.  I got it
home and mounted up everything over this jar and crossed my fingers as I
lowered the motor housing onto it.  Sure enough, it was a perfect fit.  And
I mean PERFECT!  It's even better then the original jar (the fit that is).
Sure, the jar is a little ugly, it has bright green lattice design all on
the outside, and theres the spout at the bottom so I can't mount it in the
stand anymore, but man...it works, and for $4 I'm not gonna complain.
Thanks for the pickle jar suggestion, it did the trick, eventually.  My
vortex is humming away as I type this message.  And to all the rest out
there, the vortex is a good product, it does just what it says, and is quite
powerful.  However, the trouble I've had with this thing makes it _just
barely_ worth it.  Any q's let me know

-Dave T.

ps: my plants are really coming along, thanks for all the help

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> It's very Eheimy, if you think about it. And an improvement
> over the smaller model which relies on torque to maek a
> compression seal. In the XL model, how hard you twist on
> the cap ring doesn't matter. That's the genious of it. They
> just started using it later than others.
> It's amazing what one can find out if one takes things
> apart. I;'m not sure if it was Riachrd Feynmann or Lou Reed
> that said that. ;-)
> sh.
> --- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
> > Scott said:
> > >Out of one pickle and into a dozen more! Susan, that's a
> > >dilly of a recommendation.
> > >Could be the original Vortex actually used a pickle jar.
> > I
> > >just learned that the glass jars used to be "Ball" jars.
> >
> > I could never figure out how the XL that I've had for 20
> > years sealed with
> > those glass threads at the top of the pickle jar.  When I
> > finally took it
> > apart recently (after twenty years of virtually no
> > maintenance) I realized
> > the o-ring seals on the smooth inside of the glass lip.
> > Very ingenious.
> >
> > Steve Pituch
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