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Re: [APD] Re: Mark and Peta's Issues

Thank you Bill for taking the time to answer my questions.
I'm sure the tanic acids released by the various plant life in the
everglades kept the water in balance. I did not realise that until after I
wrote the message.
BTW, Florida in general has hard water. The whole state sits on ancient
reefs (limestone).
As for my silver dollars , they seem to be very interested in the algae but
in two months have not pestered the plants with the exception of the "Val",
they do pick on it, but their housekeeping qualities do justify their
exsistence. So for now , they get to stay. THe Val gets very long and the
trimming  though not perfect keeps it from spreading across the tank and
blocking the light.
I probably should pick one group or region and use the indiginous plants
from there but it's so hard to pass on a great specimen at the LFS.

As for the tax write-off, We are thinking about incorporating. That being
said as long as I can dirrectly tie it down to a needed tool it's workable.
(design and research thru prototyping of large objects into small objects).
I have four years to actualy build a working concept to justify the
incorporation. then two more years to make a profit , or at least that is
what the lawyer who will be handing the business incorporation has told me.
Two projects are very promissing and have marketing potential.
OK, , one again, thanks for your time with this , Mark & Peta
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> M + P, a few comments:
> First, if you have silver dollars, they will eat your plants, if not
> next week.  They and a planted aquarium are not compatible.
> Second,  I would think that coral sand would slowly dissolve, harden the
> water, and raise the pH.  Perhaps the water flowing through the pool kept
> hardness from getting too high.
> And third, without being too parental, unless the electronic measuring
> devices are used in a legitimate business, deducting their cost on your
tax return
> would violate tax law.  I knew a person who took his pet dog as an
> and apparently never got caught, but he didn't announce to the world that
he was
> doing it either.
> Regards,
> Bill
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