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[APD] RE: unlabeled Anubias

Shireen Gonzaga asked:

"in a momentary fit of madness, I ordered a bunch of "rare" (1)  anubias
from aquariumplants.com . The plants arrived today, in decent shape,
but none were labeled.

Since anubias can be notoriously difficult to ID, does anyone know
of a good document for identifying them? I seem to remember a
website, but cannot find the url.

These are what I purchased: afzelli, caladifolia (var. of barteri), 
pynaertii, gracilis, heterophylla, lanceolota."

I don't have the URL handy right now, but a Google search might turn it up
(or someone else here might know it) - but Karen Randall wrote an excellent
article on Anubias for an online site a few years ago. She described, in
both words and photos, the various species available in the trade. And
knowing Karen, I'm sure that her identifications were spot on.

You could also check Kasselman - she has a lot of information on them in her
book Aquarium Plants.

Finally, and this is probably most important, get back to the vendor and ask
THEM which species they shipped you and how to tell them apart. Also ask why
in god's name they weren't labeled when shipped. Unless you as a consumer
stand up for yourself, vendors will try to get away with all sorts of shoddy
practices, and not labeling plants is not very helpful to a consumer.

James Purchase

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