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[APD] Re: CO2 at night

The fact that plants do not asord CO2 at night is true. They only absorb CO2 when they can photosynthesise and that is only when there is light. Also, they absorb oxygen at night so they can use the CO2 they aborbed when the light was on.  So, don't consider plants a good source of oxygen for your fish. If you need more oxygen use a powerhead or filter but don't rely on the plants.
Amazing what I learned in college biology.
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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 09:06:29 -0800
From: "Mark & Peta" 
Subject: Re: [APD] Re: Newbie (Mark & Peta)
To: "aquatic plants digest" 

Thank you Charles ,
I have proformed a 80+% WC yesterday . This morning the tank looks great
(crystal clear, fish happy), GH is @ 7.2 , all systems are go :~). ammonia
is Zero, nitates seem to be in the green, so to say. But my testing
equipment needs up-grading. It's just a simple four set , would like to get
to digital chemical analysis system.. This way I can get more accurate data.
The light duration has been reduced by 30%, The Algae (the simple green
short type that coats leaves) is now showing signs of dislodging. The plants
have good color, the stems are strong and snap clean (not limp and weak)
and the Siler Dollars are havesting the alage in good swaths . Very happy W/
the results.
You all have been very, very helpful. I look forward to collecting
information and data needed to keep the tank green and healthy, thusly fish
are happy, I'm happy.
About the over filtration, Yes , I know it's too much BUT I'm trying to
balance a very heavy fish load.
I have a home built CO2 generator, a simple two gal. bottle with the
yeast/sugar/salt/water method. It has served me well . My wife would not let
me add a bottled system. The results after installation is immediate and

I do have noe question though, I have read in the plant book (sorry but I
don't have in near by to say which book) that CO2 is not absorbed at
Anyone know if this is true ,
Also , if I may, I use Leaf Zone @ 1 tbsp per week. Am I wrong here ?
Don't worry about my feelings , I would rathewr be told I'm totally wrong
then "sugar coated"...

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