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[APD] Re: why add PO4 and NO3

Jared Morris wrote:

> Thanks for the timely and thorough answer.

No prob, but I'm sure I left out plenty. :)

> I am afraid I missed the APC chat with Tom Barr, do you happen to know
> how to read an archive of it?

It should be available next week sometime.  

> I am using a very rich substrate combo.  I have layered (from bottom
> to top), peat, mulm, Flora Base, and Fluorite.  I think that in combo
> with my filter (Eheim 2213 with biomedia from established tank), and
> my heavy fish load have led to improper application of the Barr
> method, and the growth of algae.

The first thing I would do is double check the CO2 level.  (I'm 
assuming you have a high light tank with CO2 btw.)  Then test for 
nitrate if you haven't already.  If your fish load is too much for 
the biofilter and plants to handle, ammonium could be a problem as 

Also, tanks go through a settling in period and can be unstable early 
on.  If your setup is fairly new, it may need some time to mellow 

> I plan on picking up Walstad's book as soon as I can, as it seems to
> be one of the few decently up-to-date publications out there.

Reading it made me a better aquatic gardener.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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