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[APD] Re: For those interested in LEDs

At 01:43 AM 3/19/2004 -0500, revance at indiana_edu wrote:

If anyone wants LEDs I bought a pack of 100 3mm blue leds off ebay from
someone who regularly sells them on Ebay. I paid $10 ($20 after shipping from
Hong Kong). I am all out now (every piece of electronics in my house has blue
LEDs in it), but I was considering getting some more to make a moon light. I
don't understand why the commercial moon lights are so expensive... all you
need are some cheap LEDs, a soldering iron, and basic knowledge of electronics
to make your own.

I've made my own moonlights-they look really great-but I used WHITE LEDs. Their color is a very cold white-much like moonlight. I think the blue LEDs are much too blue.

White LEDs are twice the cost of other LEDs, but that just means your home-made moonlight will be 15% of the cost of a commercial unit instead of 10%.

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