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[APD] What's the right temperature?

Okay here is a dumb question coming from
somebody who has been in the hobby for 36

My plant setup has swordtails, mollies,
SAE's, puffers, clown loaches, leapard
leaf fish, and a single angel fish that
must be getting pretty old.

The plants, though plentiful, are nothing
special.  Valisneria, crypts, some bulb
plants, rotala, bacopa, ludwigia, various
echinodorus, hairgrass (as a matter of fact,
it DOES look like a weed-choked pond).

Everybody seems healthy.  Water conditions are
near perfect and stable.  Hard as nails, but
that doesn't seem to bother anybody.

It is staying about 76 degrees.  Should I try
to up that to 78?


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