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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 7, Issue 57

> From: Bucks_Boogie at webtv_net (Rob Dotzler)
> Subject: [APD] Bio Spira
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> An "ERR" by Tom after my message, oh crap!!!  Everybody smile, just
> kidding.  Actually, my point was, are we being fed a line by yet another
> manufacturer?  As a matter of fact, the owners of the store I manage are
> always pushing Cycle.  When they walk away, I pull the customer to the
> side and give them a big honking chunk of polyester batting out of our
> tropical sump.  Any cycling problem they were having clears right up.
> Damaged and I like it, it made me what I am!

I do not think it's a line but it something they will not talk too much
about and try to place a lot of doubt about mulm.

"It has algae, spores, bad and good bacteria, unknown contaminates etc etc

It's just something that's free and works. 
Some folks feel better if they spend $$$ and companies will try to create
markets for products and create a "need" even if there is no "need".

Their arguements will be more towards their agenda, which is to make money.
That's what businesses do after all.Nothing wrong with that.
If they pay me $$$ I might even shut up:)

I made a CO2 reactor and sold them. But another PVC design works fine and
was well explained so I stopped making them. 
Not everyone will do DIY also, but a lot of folks are too cheap to pay for
a product also.Friends often are hard to charge full price to, but if
anyone wants to send me 20$ tip, I'll be happy. 

Mulm works pretty good as do plants. 

Tom Barr  


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