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[APD] Newbie

Greetings , My name is Mark, I have the following , 50 gl FW set-up, twin 330's biowheel filters, two powerheads , lighting is by 6 48" 40 watt full spectrum bulbs staged at 2 on @ morning , four by midday, six by 2pm (1400) , then of in order starting @ sundown. Many live plants, community tank W/ everything from golden Killies to Violet Gobies. Everyone gets along. Feeding once daily with Frozen Brine shrimp/bloodworms, one a day with flake.
Only problem is occasional algae blooms , Water changes @ 20% weekly, 80% monthly. Use Declor/stresscoat/leafzone 

My substrate is a mixture @ 4-6 in. deep of the following , 0,00,000 coral sand from florida(calcium carbonate), this makes up about 50% , the rest is jade/jasper/agate from gemstone beach in central California and hard carbon , the last material is changed out every 6 months ...
Any suggestions ?? 
Mark J. Bethke 
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