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Re: [APD] Mystery plant in Hawaii

"Richard J. Sexton" wrote:
> (Repost? I thought I sent it but didn't see it show up?)
> Anybody know what this is. Found in a garden store in Hawaii.
> http://savage.mbz.org/hawaii04/images/DSCN0922.jpg
> --
It is Marsilea mutica (variegated four leaf clover).  It likes a lot of
light, is cold hardy to zone 7, easy to grow and it comes from soft acid
water (although I have grown it successfully in hard alkaline water). 
It is an aquatic fern, native to bogs and normally grows with its
rhizome below water, but with the leaves above water or floating on long
stems.  It can be grown submersed, but will tend to form floating
leaves.  In a higher light tank it is more likely to keep its leaves
below the surface.

Bill W
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