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[APD] RE: Bio spira and bacterial cycling additives

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> Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 09:54:05 -0500 (EST)
> From: Bucks_Boogie at webtv_net (Rob Dotzler)
> Subject: [APD] Bio Spira by Marineland
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> During a recent trade show, I asked the Marinland folks about the new
> strains of bacteria that has been getting some press.  They claim a
> complete cycle at 3/4 bioload capacity in under 2 weeks.  I guess Jason
> will be our test study to see if the proofs in the pudding.  Just hope
> you dechlored your water before adding it :-), just kidding, Rob. 

Errr........ why not not use mulm? It's fresh as can be and also has some
food/Organic matter to feed the bacteria and get them going.
It's also completelty free. Did I say it was FREE?
I'd say mulm is better than any bacterial additive. It's what is precisely
in a mature established tank. Send me 20$ and I'll send you some fresh mulm
if you feel guilty using something free. 

Bacterial cycling issues in planted tanks?
Are you growing plants here?

Plants remove full bioloads of NH4 produced directly and increase the total
dissolved O2 in a tank ..............unlike bacteria which will create an
O2 demand and leave you with NO3 anyway. Why people do this is some weird
hold over from fish only keeping or marketing hype or some fishless cycling
uselessness which I still have hard time finding any usefulness for.

 See if you can even measure any NH4 in a well growing planted tank
sometime. Bacterial back up is good for NH4 spikes should something go
wrong, but bacteria arwe mainly as back up and are better than algae
getting the NH4 and blooming.

FYI, I have __no__ set up time issues, my tanks can handle the loads right
away, not 2 weeks later.
Take care of the plants and they will take care of you.
I spoke at a recent open house, the owner had a full 13 fish load of adult
Discus and a few other fish in a 120 gal planted tank and no algae/NH4 at
He had recently torn his entire tank down just 3 weeks before. He had no
issues with his fish, cycling, nothing. Tank looked great.
I've done this more times than I can count over the years, adding mulm is
what LFS did for many years and something folks should do instead of
spending $$$ for everything little thing. New folks might just not know
about this. Why Fishless cycling is such a rage and mulm is not, it way
beyond me.

Can I sell someone some baking soda design specifically for planted
Aquarium? I call it "KH builder, made in Germany to the strictest
standards" for 15$ for a 300 gram box:-) Dupla did it. Hey, it's your money.

Tom Barr 

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