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Re: [APD] Re: Chemical (mis?)information

It was a 1996 list. The stricter rules came in a couple of
years later. So now there are even more cities. I believe
NYC in just the last coule of months decided it has to
switch over -- but I only heard that on the news, so it's
maybe 50/50 reliable.  

I've seen references to as many as 35% of water providers
using chloramines. Well, actually, I've seen references to
95% and 100% but I've only seen those large percentages on
fish, pond, and plant lists.

Anybody have a traceable reference that's more up to date?

Scott H.
--- Steven Pituch <spituch at ev1_net> wrote:
> Scott said:
> >And following a link fomr that page, here's a list of US
> >cities with chloramine (is your city onthe list):
> http://www.mudomaha.com/water/citieswchloramines.html
> Gee, Corpus Christi, Texas isn't on the list.  But I, my
> water department,
> and 100 dead mollies know that there are chloramines in
> the water.  I was
> using "break the chloramine bond" dechlorinator.  That
> stuff shouldn't even
> be sold in a "chloramine" town.  Now that I use the right
> stuff (different
> brands) everything is great.
> I just came back from a visit to the local pet store that
> has fish (no
> plants).  They had about ten 10 gallon tanks with
> undergravel filters and
> low fish loads.  All the tanks had high ammonia readings
> and dying fish.  It
> was like an epidemic.  They were doing a lot of water
> changes to remove the
> ammonia but it was always there.   I asked them what they
> were using for a
> dechlorinator and they said something like "Zip Drops". 
> I found some on the
> counter and it said something to the effect that it
> destroyed Chloramine.
> But the ingredients were just photographic hypo, and I
> think calcium
> carbonate.  The back label said if it was being used for
> chloramine removal
> to filter the water with carbon for hours.
> I tried very nicely to tell the attendant that this
> product was killing the
> fish, and to use Amquel which they had in stock, but I
> really think they all
> thought I was nuts.....
> The Petsmart here does the same thing as far as selling
> the chlorine only
> dechlorinators...... its murder.
> Steve Pituch
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