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[APD] Re: Chemical (mis?)information

Scott said:
>And following a link fomr that page, here's a list of US
>cities with chloramine (is your city onthe list):

Gee, Corpus Christi, Texas isn't on the list.  But I, my water department,
and 100 dead mollies know that there are chloramines in the water.  I was
using "break the chloramine bond" dechlorinator.  That stuff shouldn't even
be sold in a "chloramine" town.  Now that I use the right stuff (different
brands) everything is great.

I just came back from a visit to the local pet store that has fish (no
plants).  They had about ten 10 gallon tanks with undergravel filters and
low fish loads.  All the tanks had high ammonia readings and dying fish.  It
was like an epidemic.  They were doing a lot of water changes to remove the
ammonia but it was always there.   I asked them what they were using for a
dechlorinator and they said something like "Zip Drops".  I found some on the
counter and it said something to the effect that it destroyed Chloramine.
But the ingredients were just photographic hypo, and I think calcium
carbonate.  The back label said if it was being used for chloramine removal
to filter the water with carbon for hours.

I tried very nicely to tell the attendant that this product was killing the
fish, and to use Amquel which they had in stock, but I really think they all
thought I was nuts.....

The Petsmart here does the same thing as far as selling the chlorine only
dechlorinators...... its murder.

Steve Pituch

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