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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 7, Issue 52

I can't comment on the Limnophila, but I like to keep my stargrass growing as short and compact as possible. I jsut take a scissors and hack away at it, usually leaving only a stub and a few side shoots if any. It always grows back, just have to give it lots of light. It's probably the fastest growing plant in the tank next to the water sprite. I clip it nearly every week and it always comes back.

BTW, my tank parameters are around 30ppm CO2 (yeast) and 260W (6700K) for a 40 gallon long.

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Hi all,

My stargrass has got a bit leggy due to the top shading the bottom a little
too much. I want to chop the top off and replant but how close to the
surface of the gravel can I prune to so that it will still regrow? I would
throw away the bare stems from the 'middle'. If I cut it off at the base,
will the roots sprout again?

My Linophila sessiflora is in the same state - would this react the same?


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