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[APD] Re: pruning Heteranthera zosterifolia

"My stargrass has got a bit leggy due to the top
shading the bottom a little
too much. I want to chop the top off and replant but
how close to the
surface of the gravel can I prune to so that it will
still regrow? I would
throw away the bare stems from the 'middle'. If I cut
it off at the base,
will the roots sprout again?"

You can trim it down to about two inches or so.  Any
lower, and it may not come back (that's what happened
to me).  I used to just give the whole stand a sloping
haircut and let it grow back without worrying about
the middle part.  I would often insert shortened
clipped off tops back onto the lower part so it never
even looked trimmed, but for some reason they started
to blacken after doing that for a while.  

I would pull up and replant the whole bit of it about
every 5 or 6 trimmings.  I hope that help some...  

"My Linophila sessiflora is in the same state - would
this react the same?"  

It's been a while since I've kept that, so I can't
really say.  It will probably come back just fine if
you do that, but it isn't really a "haircut" plant
like the Heteranthera.  


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