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[APD] RE: co2 disaster

Thanks for everyones response on this matter. I did a 20% water change right after it happened, a 5 % later that same night and a 5% this morning. Basically the tank now looks like nothing has happened- the cloudiness that was there last night was gone this morning prior to the 5% water change but I wanted to play it safe. Since the solution that go into the tank was newly mixed I am not overly concerned about my fish getting loaded- at least none of them seem hung over this am lol. My PH is stable at 6.5 as I write this post and all of the fish ate well this morning. I don't know if this incident was kid or cat related or what but you can all rest assured that it will NEVER happen again. The jugs have only just started to make pressure/bubbles this morning so I think I might have gotten lucky.
Thanks again Sandi
p.s. You get pearling w/ DIY co2- Wow!

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