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[APD] RE: corys not active

Thanks for all the advice.  

I guess my plan will be a 25% water change.

My problems have only gotten worse though.  Looks like the mollies have
velvet and one of them has an anchor worm on it. Aahhhh!  I went and got
Jungles Parasite and Fungus Clear products.  I hope I did the right
thing.  ( I followed the directions and removed the active carbon. :)

I have already asked the LFSs near me about getting some existing media
from one of their tanks and they won't do it.  I don't know anybody else
that has a tank but me.

I guess Biro Spira didn't work for me.  I was really hoping. That's $20
bucks I won't get back.

I was going to do a planted tank but, the project started costing me too
much money.  My plan was to do the rest later this year.  I guess I
should have been more patient.



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