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[APD] DIY co2 disaster

Hey Sandra

Heh heh :) This has happened to me too when I was first starting out. I added too much yeast, left it hooked up to the tank to bubble away overnight and when I got up in the morning I had a nice light brown yeasty water column :) I can laugh about it now but it was a bit of a bummer then :o

I just did a LARGE water change, removed all plants for a rinsing as best I could, filter, heater got a hose down outside. I completely lost my filter bacteria but at the time was not worried as I had only lost 1 day cycle, it was a freshly setup tank. If you have other tanks you can seed your filter with that bio media, otherwise just be cool, the plants recovered very quickly and the following day were pearling once again! At least the plants can take up what your filter is missing while its still maturing. It took about 2 days for the water column to be completely clear again, but as always YMMV ;) Good luck, hope the damage was'nt too extensive.

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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