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[APD] Re: Corys not active

Jason Wrote:
I just set up my tank.

The tank is about 4 days old and I have 4 mollies, a betta, a bala
shark, and two cory juliis.

The corys don't appear to be moving much and I haven't seen them eat
anything yet.  I looked around on the web to see  what other people said
about their corys and most said they were pretty active and always
foraging from food.

I am a little concerned about them but, wondering if I really should be.

The tank as of yesterday had ammonia at .5 ppm
pH is still iffy but my guess is is 7.6.  It is sitting on the
boundaries of my test kit. No nitrites yet although I put bio spira in
the tank four days ago. I am surprised nothing is happening yet.

Tank is 65 gal 36 x 18 x 24.
H.O.T. Magnum Pro - Bio Wheel 30

The previously suggested immediate water change and putting your tank pH
below 7 are good for some temporary relief.

You could also eliminate the ammonia/nitrite spikes associated with your new
tank by just getting some active filter media from you local fish store. Ask
them for a small quantity of filter floss or any kind of seasoned media from
one of their many active biofilters in the store slae tanks, or if you have
any friends keeping tanks you could ask them for some. Put it in the carbon
container of your HOT Magnum Pro.

That small number of fish in a 65 gallon shouldn't be that great an ammonia
generator. Feeding lightly can also help reduce the ammonia buildup.

I haven't cycled a tank in years because whenever I set up a quarantine tank
or a new one, I pull some of the Ehfisubstrat out of one of my other Eheims
and put it in the new filter. Instant cycled tank and no New Tank Syndrome.
Just build up the fish population slowly.

Also, you never mentioned if this is a planted tank or not. If ammonia is a
problem, then I suspect this is not planted or very lightly planted.
Moderately planted to heavily planted tanks don't seem to spike ammonia with
the plants using the waste of the fish. At least my planted tanks never
spiked when brand new.

Also, you may want to check out the ultimate size that Bala will get to. 14
inches, if memory serves.


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