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Re: [APD] DIY co2 disaster

How much of the yeast/sugar mix got into the tank and how long had it been 
fermenting? The longer it has been fermenting the more ethanol it will have and 
I would imagine that the ethanol in the solution would be the biggest concern. 
The yeast/sugar solution isn't as acidic as you might think. I just tested mine 
(which I am sure will differ slightly from yours) and it had a pH of 4.6. So I 
don't think the solution will effect your pH as much as it's CO2 byproduct. 
Remember, its not the pH of the CO2 that lowers the pH of your tank, its the 
reaction it has with H2O that forms carbonic acid that lowers your pH. Someone 
please correct me if I am wrong... I am not a chemist so I wouldn't know if 
there could be a chemical reaction between the mix and water to cause a drastic 
pH change. I would think entering an aquarium would immediately dilute the 
mixture to the point that it would be unable to create a substantial amount of 

I think your best bet is to continue doing water changes and keep testing the 
parameters of your tank. Along with this I would keep an eye on the fish and if 
they start to look ill move them to the other tank. I hope someone can give you 
some more (and maybe better) advise.  

Anyone know the effect the yeast will have on the tank?

Quoting Sandra Derrick <mygenericemailname at yahoo_com>:

> I have a length of tubing that now runs about 1 foot strait up from my
> bottles and I will be adding a catch bottle tonight. My concern if how to
> prevent fish/plant/shrimp loss and water quality loss. Also what can I expect
> from this? Will my PH bottom out? Will the sugar/yeast cause nasty stuff like
> bad bacteria, fungus or algae to grow in my tank? Will this affect my
> biological filter and if so how? How long will it take to clear? Should I
> change more water than the aforementioned 20%? Would it be a good idea to add
> more sodium bicarb to further buffer the tank? I have some rather nice
> apistogramma cichlids that I would hate to loose and the only other tank I
> have to put them in is a 20H that has 3 rams and 3 curvecepts (quite
> young/small still). The basic parimeters of this tank are the same (started
> w/ the water from my 55) so they would only have the stress of the new
> environment and current inhabitants once they were in- however I feel it
> would stress them out terribly !
>  (and me)
>  to be caught since the tank they are in is a heavily planted 55 with oodles
> of caves and hiding places. Thanks for your help, I will be anxiously waiting
> for replies.
> Sandi

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