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[APD] RE: corys not active

Doing a major water change to a tank which is cycling will only cause further stress to every living thing involved; fish, bacteria AND aquarist and worst part is it will only cause the same ugly problem to rear its ugly head in a couple of days time. As for those "ammonia locking" products on the market they are only good for keeping ammonia down in bait buckets as far as the average aquarium goes. If you cause the ammonia to go into a locked state you will starve out the very bacteria you need to prevent this from happening again. Also these products are notorious for suddenly loosing the "lock"  and having all that ammonia flood back into the aquarium- usually right when the fish are just starting to recover. The best thing an aquarist can do for their new tank is to have patience- THERE IS NO MAGIC FORMULA for fixing a new tank only time. You can use ammonia removing resin chips to lower the amount of ammonia in your aquarium, any brand will do but they are only effectiv!
 e for 24
 hours then need to be recharged. I would suggest buying 2 or getting 2 filter bags and loose chips. To recharge you simply put them in salt water for 24 hours, 5 Tbls aquarium salt to a quart should be enough. Rinse them well before putting back into the filter. These will last basically forever used this way regardless of what the manufacturer wants you to think. Remember that our hobby is an UNREGULATED industry- basically products can make any claim they want and no one will challenge false claims. Many products have been marketed to the beginner that does not know better- it is a real shame because I have seen many people quit the hobby because of hundreds of dollars spent on products that are basically snake oil. Keep things simple and LEARN as much as you can about the basic biology/chemistry in your aquarium and try not to succumb to that dreaded aquarist disease "Gotta-have-it-itis".
Good Luck!

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