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[APD] some new Crypts

This is to let any among you that have a special interest in Cryptocoryne's that we will in the next few weeks, be obtaining a number of very rare Crypts, which to be the best of my knowledge have not ever been available previously on the USA market.

As they have been exceptionally hard to procure, and we have had to incur the expense of bringing them from more than one source, using contacts, friends and business sources, we want to try and ensure that they will only be made available to serious Hobbyists, that will try at least to reproduce them and eventually share their knowledge about what worked and what did not.

We have already informed a few specialists that have been regular customers of ours, but obviously there are more of you than we have contact with.

We have reserved a share for these persons, and will do the same for anyone else who is serious. However due to the scarcity , a maximum of 3 plants of any one species will be sold to any one party. We are also retaining a number for hopefully successful experiment in our tissue culture lab, where we have had reasonable success with a couple of other less rare species.

For a number of reasons, I am not publishing the species we are expecting either here, or on our web pages, but anyone is welcome to telephone me to discuss their special interest.

Shawn Prescott Aquarium Landscapes

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