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Re: [APD] DIY co2 disaster

Ouch!  That is nasty stuff to get into your tank... turn your fish into 
alcoholics :-). A suggestion for the future, between the generator bottle and 
the aquarium use a 20oz coke (or better yet... Mountain Dew yum) bottle to 
catch any liquid that might leak out. Do this by drilling two holes in the cap 
of the small bottle. Run the airline coming from the co2 bottle through one 
hole down to the bottom of the small bottle and use the other hole to run a 
tube from that bottle to the aquarium making sure that the airline tubing 
starts near the top of the small bottle. This way any liquid coming in from the 
co2 bottle will remain in the bottom of the small bottle. I hope this helps you 
out for the future.


Quoting Sandra Derrick <mygenericemailname at yahoo_com>:
> I don't know how it happened but somehow some of the new batch of
> yeast/sugar/water got into my tank! I do have it above the tank but don't
> think it was just this. I did a 20% water change but the tank is quite hazy
> still- the fish seem OK but I am worried about long term effects....like
> tommorow morning what can I expect. The PH is around 6.3 at this time (after
> the water change) and I have added some sodium bicarb and so far nothing
> terrible has happened.


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