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Re: [APD] Corys Not Active

When I purchased my four julis from the store they were all sitting on the
bottom of the tank doing nothing. After I brought them home it took a day or
so for them to get adjusted, now they are constantly on the move. They may
be just getting used to their new environment. I would keep a close eye on
them though.


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Subject: [APD] Corys Not Active

> I just set up my tank.
> The tank is about 4 days old and I have 4 mollies, a betta, a bala
> shark, and two cory juliis.
> The corys don't appear to be moving much and I haven't seen them eat
> anything yet.  I looked around on the web to see  what other people said
> about their corys and most said they were pretty active and always
> foraging from food.
> I am a little concerned about them but, wondering if I really should be.
> The tank as of yesterday had ammonia at .5 ppm
> pH is still iffy but my guess is is 7.6.  It is sitting on the
> boundaries of my test kit. No nitrites yet although I put bio spira in
> the tank four days ago. I am surprised nothing is happening yet.
> Tank is 65 gal 36 x 18 x 24.
> H.O.T. Magnum Pro - Bio Wheel 30

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