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[APD] Re: driftwood

>>I have about 25 pieces of mopani, which sinks naturally and was chosen to
provide bases for java fern and the like.   I would sell them one by one
from pictures if there was demand.   The problem as I see it is postal
costs.   What does everyone think?? <<

It all depends on the size of the wood. The larger they are, the more odd
shaped, the bigger the box, the higher the shipping cost. Both the post
office and carriers like UPS or Fed x have size limitations that when you go
over it becomes "oversize" and the shipping cost goes way up.

Most "Mopani" or  "Swahala" wood sold by pet stores or online dealers are
small, very manageab le peices, 6 to 14". These are easy to ship for under
$10. Once you are over 20" then it gets expensive. Last year when I was
selling large driftwood, I had to buy special boxes. The boxes alone were
over $5 each.

Robert Hudson

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