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[APD] Houston Plantfest Reminder

The Dallas-Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club will be having an all weekend field
trip to Houston, TX the weekend of April 30 - May 2. We would like to invite
anyone that is interested to come along and enjoy the activities we have
lined up.

In the style of the Tom Barr Plantfest last year, this will be very
informal. Everyone that comes will be responsible for making all their own
arrangements including transportation to the various venues throughout the

Activities planned (but subject to change) are a visit to Mike and Jeff
Senske's ADG Gallery, an aquascping class by Luis Navarro, visits to see
some of Luis' aquariums, a party at Valerie's and a chance to see her
aquarium, visits to the local pet shops, a possible trip to Japanese
Gardens, and light native plant and fish collecting let by a local
biologist. The guided collecting will be in the same aquatic preserve that
Claus Christensen was taken to before the 2002 AGA Convention that everyone
wishes they could have gone on :-) Luis tells me we will be going to better
places though!

April 30- May 2

Houston, Texas

Lexington Hotel Suites
16410 North Freeway 45
Houston, Texas 77090
Ask for the "Plant Fest" rate
I am told we have rooms around the pool :-)

Houston-Bush International
5 minutes (per Luis)


Ben Belton
trip at aquatic-plants_org

Sorry this does not give people that might be interested much time to plan,
but we have been plagued by illnesses that have kept us from getting things

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