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Re: [APD] Repost-need help with this chart-please review

I think the skull and crossbones is a bit much. ;-) But I
like the idea of the chart.

I'd probably have gradations rather than sharp lines
delineating "zones." There are not hard and fast zones,
espeically when using wpg as the measure. It's only a rough
rule of thumb. And one might have diff targets or diff
plants with somewhat diff needs. 

Scott H.

--- Dave Millman <dave at tactics_com> wrote:
> Sorry for the repost, but I really need help with this
> chart and the 
> concepts behind it. It's an attempt to roll the concepts
> of lighting, CO2 & 
> nutrients into one easy-to-understand diagram.
> Please review & comment on the diagram-it's just one
> page.
> http://www.svas.info/Newsletter/success-zone.html

S. Hieber
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Takashi Amano and More at
the AGA Annual Convention
Nov 12, 13 & 14, 2004
Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia, USA

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