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[APD] Re: Driftwood sales


At 05:56 AM 3/15/2004, Daphne wrote:

After going through a similar saga trying to find "the piece" of driftwood,
Dave G. discovered some on Ebay.

Mind you, that was a different Dave G.

I have about 25 pieces of mopani, which sinks naturally and was chosen to
provide bases for java fern and the like. I would sell them one by one from
pictures if there was demand. The problem as I see it is postal costs. What
does everyone think??

If you put pics up I will be an interested party. I think Daphne's and my
driftwood pieces cost about $28 to ship from Texas to Georgia, so California
to the East Coast a bit more I guess. They came in a huge box, extremely
well packed. No breakage and these were two branchy pieces, 28" long
(Daph's) packed with massive amounts of crumpled paper. Not so much weight
as volume.


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