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[APD] Re: Flourite (and other substrates)

I would also think that besides taxes, tariffs, etc, the transportation
costs of Flourite and other substrates is one of the major factors
associated with higher costs outside the US.

In our LFSs around here in Atlanta, other than specialty substrates like
Flourite or Caribsea products, plain old aquarium gravel is usually trucked
in from close places. I can buy a 20# bag of Flourite sized dark brown
aquarium gravel for about $12. This stuff comes from Alabama, not far
geographically. If it came from up north or west, you can believe it would
be significantly more expensive. Great for a fish only, but not my choice
for a planted tank. I use Flourite in my two largest tanks.

Many folks buy their gravel from bulk landscape materials companies, but I
have never been able to find a small enough diameter for my taste.

The more an item weighs, the more expensive it is to get it from point A to

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