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Re: [APD] Flourite

Quoting Greg Morin <greg at seachem_com>:
> We don't specifically charge more overseas then we do domestically. 
> It is as the other poster mentioned, shipping, duties, taxes, etc in 
> the receiving country all add to the base price the distributor must 
> pay in the receiving country, and then they of course mark it up 
> based on that.

I understand all that... I didn't mean to imply that Seachem was trying to rip 
people off or anything. It just suprised me that it increases the price by 
that much. It is probably a larger increase percentage wise because it is not 
distributed in such bulk as other more widely used products (items other than 
specialty aquarium products).  I also don't have any experience with overseas 
sales except in Europe (which might have lower duties etc). 

Although, if the prices they gave are for a lfs, the increase is really not 
that much.  A lfs in the US charges twice what an online store charges because 
they have so many overhead costs. Luckily we don't have any good lfs in my 
area... so I don't have to feel guilty or buying everything online.
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