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Re: [APD] Re: driftwood suppliers

Quoting David Grim <grim1214 at bellsouth_net>:
> I tried those about three years ago and they didn't fare well in the planted
> tank environment. These resin pieces are painted and after a week or so in
> my tank the paint started flaking off and it is snow white underneath.
Hmm... I will consider that. Maybe I will take your advise and try a small 
inexpensive piece first.

> They don't look like they would allow for attachment of Java Fern or Moss
> either, being non porous surfaces.

Java moss probably won't attach very well, but Java Fern will attach to darn 
near anything! I had a tank I left at my parents house and because it hadnt 
been tended to it got completely overtaken by java fern... it was even attached 
to the filter intake/output tubes and parts of the heater (the parts that don't 
get hot).  It was actually kind of funny... you couldnt see anything, just one 
giant java fern plant. I almost expected to find fish caught by its roots like 
some scene out of Little Shop of Horrrors :-)

I am bummed to hear you say that they don't hold up well. I actually found some 
pieces made by penn plax that look much much more realistic than the top-fin 
ones at petsmart (as I said, I didn't like the coloration of the petsmart 
ones). They are also less expensive, which could be good or bad. Anybody have 
any experience with these?  Otherwise, does anybody know of someplace that 
sells real pieces that have pictures of the actual pieces for sale?
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