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[APD] Re: driftwood suppliers

For this reason I have considered using resin replicas of driftwood. Top-Fin
makes a really nice looking "root" unfortunately the color is not very
looking (it looks kind of orange). I figure if it looks real, it is nice
because the picture on the website is of the ACTUAL piece, and it doesnt
the problem of tanins in the water. So I am willing to go either way. If
knows of a good place for real or replica driftwood I would really
your input.

I tried those about three years ago and they didn't fare well in the planted
tank environment. These resin pieces are painted and after a week or so in
my tank the paint started flaking off and it is snow white underneath.

I don't know if it was the buffer I use (Seachem) or the intense lighting,
or the resulting carbonic acid from the CO2 injection, or all three, but
they were a disappointment and I returned them for a refund.

I would try a small inexpensive piece first before you go for the big formed
root. They are great in form, but who wants white tree roots? I tried these
right after PetSmart started carrying them. Perhaps they are better made

They don't look like they would allow for attachment of Java Fern or Moss
either, being non porous surfaces.


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