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[APD] Driftwood Suppliers

Does anybody know of someone who sells nice pieces of driftwood? I would really 
like to find a website that supplies pictures of the actual pieces they are 
selling. I just like to see things before I buy them. Unfortunately I haven't 
been able to find a site that does this and none of the lfs around here sell 
nice driftwood. They all sell that junk that is just a piece of wood with a few 
holes drilled through it attached to a piece of slate.  

For this reason I have considered using resin replicas of driftwood. Top-Fin 
makes a really nice looking "root" unfortunately the color is not very natural 
looking (it looks kind of orange). I figure if it looks real, it is nice 
because the picture on the website is of the ACTUAL piece, and it doesnt pose 
the problem of tanins in the water. So I am willing to go either way. If anyone 
knows of a good place for real or replica driftwood I would really appreciate 
your input.

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