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[APD] Re: how the nursery grows aquarium plants

>>I am interested in how tropical freshwater aquatic plants are grown at the
nurseries. I have been searching for information but while there is a lot
about how to grow your plants in your aquarium there is not much about how
to grow them professionally in a greenhouse. Do you know any web page which
gives this information?. I would like to know things like:<<

Which substrate?

Most plants are grown commercialy in nurseries, greenhouses, or sometimes in
shallow outdoor pools. Usually most aquatic plants are grown either
"emersed" which means only the roots or bottom portion of the plant is in
water, while the rest of the plant is above the water, or plants are grown
hydroponicaly. Different growers have different methods for different
plants. Many are grown in very nitrogen rich soils.

depends on the plant

Do they need artificial light?
In a greenhouse or outdoor pond, no.

How the CO2 management is done?
Some hydroponic systems have C02 being fed into the nutrient solution that
flows thru the plants roots, but in most cases the plants are drawing C02
from the atmosphere.

How are they transported to the shops?
By mail: UPS or FedX

Do they grow them all year around or just some periods?
Growers have different seasons for different plants. This is because of
their space limitation. They may only offer Glossostigma, for example for a
few months because they want to make room for another plant the rest of the

Are the running costs and the investment very high?
No more or less than any other commercial greenhoue business

How are the plants fertilised?
With fertilizer! :)

Do they propagate them themselves or they buy the mother plants?
Depends on the plant, and how much room and resources they have. They may
develop plants from tissue culture, from seed, or from the same methods we
use in the aquarium. Nurseries also buy from each other. For example,
Florida Aquatic Nurseries, the largest producer in the USA, also imports a
lot of plants. And in Europe companies like Tropica, Dennerle, Hans Barth,
all sell and buy from each other.

Robert Hudson

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