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Re: [APD] RE: Flourite/Amano

That's incredible. Otoh, non of the ADA stuff is sold over
here. :-\

Scott H.
--- Edward Venn <e_venn at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I am fortunate to live 10 minutes away by bike from one
> of Amano's 
> operations, took a tour of it last ThursdayÐI was being
> nosey and said it 
> was for a US Aquarium puublication. I couldn't take any
> photos but, I did 
> get a tour of a 5 storey facility that houses fish,
> plants and equipment for 
> sale to the LFS on a bulk basis. 3 floors of the complex
> are devoted too 
> fish, plants and inverts-all freshwater and there are
> over 1,000 aquariums 
> in all. 60% or better of the aquariums are used for
> housing plants with 
> shrimp of various species in the plant tanks.
> The remaining 2 floors are dedicated to aquarium
> suppliesÐfloat glass tanks, 
> lights, UV sterilizers, CO2 dosing systems, pumps,
> filters as well as the 
> medicines, substrates and other products of the ADA line.
> It was like being 
> in a candystore... And unable to buy any of the candy.
> What prompted me to ask about the flourite and become
> interested in 
> Seachem's line of products is the Japanese lack of
> knowledge of the large US 
> market and the number of products available from North
> America. Many 
> japanese don't know about Aquabid, the Florida fish and
> plant industry or 
> even that Brazil, Mexico and other SA countries have a
> thriving business in 
> exporting fishÐas far as many Japanese are concerned
> their only source of 
> livestock and plants is either domestic or
> Thailand/Singapore.

S. Hieber

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