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[APD] RE: Flourite/Amano

I am fortunate to live 10 minutes away by bike from one of Amano's operations, took a tour of it last ThursdayÐI was being nosey and said it was for a US Aquarium puublication. I couldn't take any photos but, I did get a tour of a 5 storey facility that houses fish, plants and equipment for sale to the LFS on a bulk basis. 3 floors of the complex are devoted too fish, plants and inverts-all freshwater and there are over 1,000 aquariums in all. 60% or better of the aquariums are used for housing plants with shrimp of various species in the plant tanks.

The remaining 2 floors are dedicated to aquarium suppliesÐfloat glass tanks, lights, UV sterilizers, CO2 dosing systems, pumps, filters as well as the medicines, substrates and other products of the ADA line. It was like being in a candystore... And unable to buy any of the candy.

What prompted me to ask about the flourite and become interested in Seachem's line of products is the Japanese lack of knowledge of the large US market and the number of products available from North America. Many japanese don't know about Aquabid, the Florida fish and plant industry or even that Brazil, Mexico and other SA countries have a thriving business in exporting fishÐas far as many Japanese are concerned their only source of livestock and plants is either domestic or Thailand/Singapore.

Ed in Japan

Ed in Japan

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