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[APD] Re: Disease Transmission

Did you have any cuts or abbrasions on your hands when you were cleaning your tank? Did you get any of the water in your mouth, either through not washing your hands afterwards or through sucking water through the siphon? You can get diseases from you tank (very rarely though) such as zoonotal Mycobacterial infections (not TB, but related species. Usually causes granuloma in the hand area). I suppose infection by nematodes (I saw one under a microscope from my tank water that looked suspiciously like hookworm), or a Pseudomonas bacterial infection is also possible. But, with the exception of hookworm, the bacteria would need a entry route into your body, such as a cut, abbrasion, ingestion or contact with a mucosal membrane, such as your nose, mouth or eye.
To my knowledge, there has been no reports of any zoonosis by aquatic viruses.

However, I would say the more likely scenario is, as a previous poster mentioned, that you picked up a virus (enterovirus??) or bacteria of some sort from food or contaminated toilet object.

One last question about a remote possibility:

Have you been to a Tropical country in the last year, or live near an airport which international flights come into?

- Seweryn

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