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[APD] how the nursery grows aquarium plants

I am interested in how tropical freshwater aquatic plants are grown at the nurseries. I have been searching for information but while there is a lot about how to grow your plants in your aquarium there is not much about how to grow them professionally in a greenhouse. Do you know any web page which gives this information?. I would like to know things like:
Which substrate?
Do they need artificial light? 
How the CO2 management is done?
How are they transported to the shops?
Do they grow them all year around or just some periods?
Are the running costs and the investment very high?
How are the plants fertilised?
Do they propagate them themselves or they buy the mother plants?
If you dont know any web page but can give me these information I would be very glad to read it
thank you and good luck with your aquaria!!!

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