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Re: [APD] tap water purifier

I am not so concerned about the flow rate. You figure a mid-priced RO filter 
will only get you 2 gallons/hour of water. I was mostly interested in the 
difference in water quality compared to RO. I have seen many explanations of 
the difference between the two but none gave any decent comparison of how pure 
they are compared to each other. I have never had much luck with our water 
(could hardly keep fish alive)... immediately after switching to RO water all 
my fish thrived and spawned. I didn't change anything else... just gradually 
converted the tank over to RO water. I just have a hard time believing that 
using a $30 filter will produce water of equal quality than water from a $200 
RO unit. As I said earlier, any thoughts on the subject are appreciated.

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