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Re: [APD] tap water purifier

revance at indiana_edu wrote:

It's not the plants I'm concerned about. I plan to keep discus in the tank... and it's not just the hardness I am concerned about, our city water has all sorts of chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

I bought and used that very tap water purifier.

I gave up after 2 weeks and I suspect you would too. It simply can not produce enough water fast enough for my tastes. It takes almost an hour to fill a 5 gallon bucket. You have to let the water trickle through the filter or the exchange resins get pushed out of the cartridge.

I'm keeping sensitive fish in our good old Indiana liquid rock. Just take your time acclimating them, keep the water clean (through water changes or dense plantings) and don't overfeed them.

Craig Morrison
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