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Re: [APD] SAE's

Message: 8 Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 10:36:39 -0600 From: "BlackHOle"
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This isnt really a plant question but I figured since a lot of plant
people keep SAE's someone might know something. I have three juvenile
and one adult true siamese algae eaters. The three juveniles dont
bother the plants, but the adult wont stop eating them! I have moved
him to my ten gallon but was wondering what I could feed him that he
would like more than my plants? Algae wafers he wont touch (the
juveniles love them) and raw lettuce nobody eats. I would like to
keep him in the tank (75 gallon) but not untill I can keep him from
eating plants.


Kevin Simms

Zucchini is my favorite. Blanche pieces in a bit of water in the microwave. That way you can squeeze out any remaining air so they will sink.

Cucumbers and squashes of various kinds should also work, but I love zucchini and use the cut-off ends for my tanks, when fixing for myself.

Try a little frozen spinach. [Rename him "Popeye" if he likes it. :-)]

BTW, stores love bigger fish. Trade the big guy (whose algae-eating days may be over) for a couple of smaller ones. :-) Once over 5-6" I have found SAEs to be fairly worthless algae eaters, and needed to feed a lot of squash just to protect my plants.


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