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[APD] Help with a Getting Started with Planted Aquaria talk

At our last fish club meeting, a member proudly described how he had just put 110 watts over his 20 gallon plant tank, because an LFS employee told him, "The more light, the better." He doesn't have CO2 or dose nutrients-the same fish store told him that "We don't do that in our tanks, and the plants are fine." A few of us tried to explain his mismatch light with nutrients, but he was too excited about his new light kit to hear any of it.

So I am writing a talk on "Getting Started with Planted Aquaria," with a focus on picking the right combinations of these important issues. Tom Barr has done a great job recently of describing successful low-light setups, and his Estimative Index method is a great starting point for high-light.

I have tried to create one diagram describing the relationship of light, CO2 and nutrients, specifically to show where the "success zones" are. Please take a look:


Please note, this is the first draft of the diagram. I am looking for input on the whole concept, and on the shape of the "success zone" itself, and the right values for the vertical and horizontal axes. Or feel free to say the whole thing is wrong!

Thank for your help.

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