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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

>From my experience if a syphon has no/little flow for a few days 
(will differ depending on diameter and maximum height etcetera) then air will come out of solution
gradually and end the syphon. I haven't yet figured out a good way around the problem.

My only thought regarding the 2 overflow system would be to create entrances to the standpipe (or equivalent) 
that were somewhat tapered (perhaps like a sawblade). This would make the water level in the tank vary 
slightly depending on water flow into that particular overflow. This would then allow you to balance
the flow between the overflows reasonably well, which would then hopefully keep both in motion and hence
hopefully working. With a bit of luck if one of the overflows failed you might then notice a slightly 
higher water level in the tank and do something about it.

I hope I've described the idea in a way that isn't too confusing!

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