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Re: [APD] Re: Drilling tanks

I think you have captured things quite neatly.  

I always say, if a job is really tough, you're using the
wrong tool or using the right tool wrongly. But
affordability tempers our tolerance of imperfect tools.

Scott H.
--- Chuck H <grendel at usit_net> wrote:

> And, unfortunately, you're stuck with what you can
> afford.
> I bought the steel bit I have to put standpipes in tanks
> (10 and 20 
> gallon) for a rack system.  It was my first experience
> drilling 
> glass, and I broke one tank by trying to go too fast, but
> the rest 
> came out good enough (i.e., the fittings don't leak). 
> The bit seemed 
> well balanced and did not cut sloppily, just slowly. 
> MMV.  I had the 
> advantage of a drill press, which no doubt made all the
> difference as 
> far as quality of cut and hand tiredness goes.
> However, it took me a whole day to drill the tanks.  In
> retrospect, 
> the diamond bit could've paid for itself in time savings
> alone.

S. Hieber

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