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Re: [APD] The siphon saga continues...need safety shutoff!

I was thinking about this problem as I drove to Lowe's
and back.  It seems like a shutoff is complicated for
this use.  Then I thought of two possible things that
could help prevent future water spills:

1)  Put a screen on that siphon!  Better yet, put a
screen around the skimmer box before the inlet.  Or,
make a longer piece of the siphon box to extend the
inlet, makeing the whole extension out of scren or
perforated pipe.  The idea is that if something in the
tank comes loose, it will stick to only a portion of
the screened area, leaving other areas still working.

2)  When a system can't be allowed to fail, make a
backup.  How about a second siphon, at a water level
little above the first, so that it will kick in if the
first siphon is disabled.  If used with a skimmer box
with a standpipe on the outside part, it shouldn't
lose the siphon (unless all the water evaporates out
of it)

Hope these ideas are usefull to somebody.


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